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Located in Hefei, the capital city of Anhui Province of China, Anhui Agricultural University (AAU) is a key university, with a long history specializing in agriculture and forestry. It is supported by the Anhui provincial government, China Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, and National Forestry and Grassland Administration. It was recognized by the Chinese central government as one of the first ten universities nationwide to establish a Research Institute for New Rural Development, and it was selected as one of the “distinctive universities with unique features” in Anhui Province. Mr. JIANG Chun is the Secretary of the CPC committee and Professor Xia Tao is the President.
AAU started its history as a college of agriculture in 1935 under Provincial Anhui University founded in 1928, it became an independent higher learning institution in 1953 and changed its name to Anhui Agricultural University in 1995. AAU currently has 19 schools, with a full-time enrollment of 24,260 students (including 181 international students), of whom 4,460 are postgraduates. Among the 1,867 staff, 756 are professors or associate professors. Among this group, over 800 work as PhD and master’s students’ supervisors. Besides, AAU possesses 15 national talents and 80 provincial talents.
At present, two disciplines in AAU are listed among top 1% in ESI, and there is one national key discipline in process, 19 provincial key disciplines, 1 provincially funded project for world-class discipline development, one for national first-class discipline development, five post-doctoral mobile research stations, five A-level and eight B-level PhD programs, as well as 17 A-level master’s degree programs, and 8 special doctor’s programs. At present there are 80 undergraduate programs, including 17 programs selected as national first-class undergraduate programs, five national-level programs of distinction, two national-level pilot programs, two nationally recognized pedagogical teams, four nationally recognized courses (two superior courses, one national online open course, one national top E-course). AAU has one national embark center for students innovation and entrepreneurship, one nationally recognized off-campus internship base, one national-level teaching laboratory, three national-level integrated agriculture, science and education training bases, two national-level pilot projects in advanced agricultural personnel training and 4 national projects for research and development of new agriculture.
During the past three years, AAU has won two National Scientific and Technology Awards, 42 awards in provincial or ministerial levels, including four first prizes in Provincial Scientific and Technological Significant Achievement Award. There are also 69 new animal and plant species, as well as 747 patent application, among which 323 were granted. Besides, 3 national key research programs, 27 scientific projects and 135 national funding programs.
With an open-minded strategy for educational internationalization, AAU has set up close links with universities and research institutes from over 30 countries and regions, such as US, UK, Canada, Japan, Germany and Australia. AAU was ratified respectively by China Association of Science and Technology as one of “Anhui Overseas Talents’ Agricultural Bases” and by China Ministry of Education as one of Chinese universities eligible to admit international students funded by China Scholarship. China Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs conferred to AAU one of its foreign language training centers for the South-South Cooperation Project. A “National Demonstrative International Science and Technology Cooperation Base” was approved as well. The cooperation between AAU and Colorado State University of USA has been incorporated into the “China-US University-Based Agricultural Extension Alliance.”