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Tentang Kami

“Bona Education is located in Jakarta, and was established under the support of the Ministry of Education in Indonesia, the United Front Work Department of Anhui Province in China, and the Department of Education in Anhui Province. It is engaged in cultural and educational exchange services between China and Indonesia, and serves as a modern educational institution for cultural exchanges between the two countries, Indonesia and China. In China, especially Anhui Province, has become a propulsion for Indonesian teachers and students to have study abroad.

Bona Education builds a bridge for cultural exchanges between China and Indonesia, promotes the internationalization of Chinese education, and at the same time builds the “”Anhui Study Abroad” brand.

Supporting the friendly relations between Indonesia and China, Bona Education’s goal is to build a bridge for the education institutes between both countries. Those who partake in this Education and Cultural Exchange Program will receive the benefits and the opportunities of cultural exchange, knowledge and employability.”.